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Vertical Storage Systems

Vertical carousels are our leading edge vertical storage system that delivers maximized space utilization, efficiency and productivity in all types of applications, including small parts and tool storage.

The Hänel Industrial Rotomat Carousel is tough enough to be installed right on the factory floor. This saves time and reduces fatigue from walking and carrying parts. It is strong enough to store almost anything from small parts to large sub-assemblies. The carriers can be equipped with shelves, drawers or doors to allow a wide variety of shapes and sizes to be stored within the same carousel.

The Hänel Lean-Lift Vertical Lift-Module stores inventory on a series of pans that are stored between special slat profile walls. An extractor elevator brings the pans to the user and each pan is automatically measured for height and then placed in the ideal storage location. This eliminates wasted space between pans and maximizes space utilization at all times within the lift.

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