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Overhead Chain

Overhead Chain

  • Compact – Small track cross-section and small radius horizontal and vertical curves allow installation in confined areas and take fullest advantage of available space.
  • Economical – Most systems can be powered by one drive, including curves and inclines. Fewer drives mean lower operating and maintenance costs.
  • Adaptable – Product is suspended from the Chainveyor system permitting a wide range of products to be handled. This includes many items that are non-conveyable by other means. It is particularly suited for cleaning, painting and plating applications that would contaminate or destroy belt or roller conveyors.
  • Safer – Tubular, enclosed track design reduces the chances of injury because the moving chain is inaccessible to casual contact.

Overhead chain conveyor is an economical and efficient system that is commonly used in paintline, millwork or other applications where the product being conveyed does not lend itself to traditional conveyance methods.

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